Get Your Home Ready For Fall


Because it is winter, your energy bills are about to sky rocket. So, do something about reducing them by installing energy saving LED fittings such as inbouw spots and badkamer spotjes.

LEDs convert nearly all their energy into light, unlike old fashioned bulbs do. This means that you could save massively on your lighting bills.

Especially now that you will be using the lights more in the winter months, it pays to switch now before the nights really draw in.

And LEDs are not as expensive as they used to be. With quite a choice these days you can pick between badkamer LED spot, inbouw spots LED and badkamer spots LED dimbaar, which can be dimmable.


Make sure that your gutters are clear from all leaves and any other type of debris, before the onset of fall and winter this year.

Either do this yourself or pay to get them cleared if the job looks too big. It could avoid problems later on!


The same applies to all your drains around your home. If they are visibly blocked and you can’t clear them out yourself, it is worth paying for this service to be done at the start of the season.


Inspect all the windows in the property for cracks and ensure any double glazing is correctly sealed.

If you need any extra reinforcement then now is the time to check out any of the DIY options available, before it gets too cold!

Now is also the time to re hang your heavy winter curtains or maybe add a layer to your window treatments.


Likewise, don’t stop at the windows when it comes to drafts, although this is naturally the first place you will look.

You can check for drafts with a candle and see if it flickers anywhere although you should beware starting a fire with this method!

Have a handy supply of draft excluders ready for when you find some!

If your doors are the source of a lot of drafts, consider a warm curtain over the top of them.


If you do not already have a smart or programmable thermostat, maybe you should get one.

Being able to adjust the temperature in every room, even remotely, not only can make sure it is warm for you and your family, but also that it is turned off when no one is in the house.

A smart thermostat even comes with a sensor detector, so that if it detects no one is in the house, it will automatically shut off the heating.


Try and prevent any leaks taking hold before the gales of rain and snow arrive, by inspecting the roof.

This should be possible from the ground, at least for a rudimentary inspection. That way you can be on top of any work that might need doing to replace loose or missing slates before it starts raining in on you.


It is not just only inside the house that needs to be prepared for the upcoming fall and winter season. There is also outside as well.

Things like trees might need cutting back, especially if they hang close to the house, before any strong winds start to take effect.

Make sure your path or driveway is kept clear of any stumble hazards and potholes, which might be dangerous in the wet and dark.

We also advise the lighting works both inside and outside the house and if you don’t already have them, to invest in some LED fittings for the exterior of your home.