: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make


Possible Ways that we are Neglecting our Health Without Ever Knowing.

We all know being inactive, drinking too much and eating wrong foods is bad for our heath, but there are other habits that you are guilty of and are damaging to your health without realizing it, and because we as humans are complex creatures with emotional and physical needs, when one things goes bad it impacts and effects the overall wellbeing.

One of those habits is never attending routine appointments, when you have an opinion that if you are broke there is no need to health check, then you are wrong as regulars checks and screenings can prevent serious issues from occurring since the problems are caught way in advance and prevented giving you peace of mind.

Whether it is a regular eye checkup or for emergency purposes make sure you are signed to a better health care it all depends on your needs and what works well for you, if it is dentist you need to visit one every six months for proper checkups like screening for diabetes and cancer and by so doing you are staying focused and on top of your better health.

Lacking enough sleep is another issue that damages your overall health without you knowing it, this is because you may be tempted to watch a nice show on the TV or your friends make you stay up late, whichever way, if you lack 8 hours of proper sleep, this could damage your brain and alter with the overall health.

Making time for 8-9 hours of sleep a priority could add more years to your life, if you are unsure about your sleep pattern invest in a fitness tracking device that will help you your sleeping pattern and if you find that the pattern is not good, you know it is time to make changes, also avoid cellphones for about an hour before going to sleep and also large meal.

When you are stressed for long periods chances are that your body is being harmed in one way or another, your mental stability starts to deteriorate and if not check early, it could lead to other serious mental issues.

Stress can impact your body in numerous ways and can even increase blood pressure leading to heart attack and stroke and this is one way that you need to avoid since it is impacting your life and your overall health in a negative way.

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