10 simple workout products for a minimalist home gym


Working out is hard, and everybody knows it. While some folks are able to nail their resolutions straight out of the gate, people like me need something to keep us going on the road to getting healthier. For years, I was an “anti-workout” person — until I found something that worked for me inside my home. With my lack of space, I realized a minimalist approach was best for me and my gear, as well as for what I ate after working out.

If you’re looking for simple gear and tools that can support your home workout journey, this list was written with you in mind. These are tools you can fold up and put away, as well as healthy essentials to reenergize your body.


This tool is all about teaching you how to meet your wellness goals. I found the Lumen difficult to use at first because I couldn’t breathe correctly (I was always winded), but once I got used to it, it was smooth sailing. When using Lumen, you breathe into it to identify whether you are burning fat or carbs. From there, you’re given a health plan via the Lumen app that you can use to monitor your progress. Even if you’re not using it consistently, it does a good job of always telling you where you are on its scale so you can adjust yourself accordingly. I’d liken it to using a Keto stick to know where you are for that diet, just more high-tech.


If you have bad knees you may be in the habit of adding extra padding to your yoga mats, but why not get a thicker cushioned mat from the start? This mat is 1 inch thick and is still easily rolled up when it’s not in use. Best of all, I found this mat surprisingly sweat-resistant regardless of the intensity of my workout.  


Yes, these are work shoes, but these are also my workout shoes. An issue some people — me included — have when working out is balance. As I work on my core, I’ve found that Snibbs’ hard-bottom shoes give me the grip needed to stay upright when in tough positions and when cardio and dance is making you sweat all over your workout space. If you’ve ever worried about slipping when you’re working out, these shoes will keep you secure and upright. These aren’t just workout shoes either, they’re nice for walking too.


No room inside your home, but you want to get a good workout? Let me point you to the Fit Simplify resistance brands. This pack comes with three different types of no-slip resistance bands — low, middle and high intensity. All three resistance brands here are the selling point because getting just one might be too easy or difficult to use depending on your needs.

Unico Nutrition

Good protein powder is hard to come by these days. Some are chalky-tasting, making it difficult for newbies like myself to drink them. But this protein powder from Unico has been a lifesaver. Not only does it support my protein needs, but it also tastes good. I bought the vanilla ice cream flavor and was surprised by the taste. Does it taste like vanilla ice cream as we know it? Nope, not all the way, but it’s pretty close for a protein powder. Because taste and effectiveness matters to me, this is the only powder I’ll use.

Like to get some nutrients from fruit, but you don’t want to cut anything up or make a smoothie? I’ve found that reHarvest is a great balance for getting your fruit intake in without a lot of work. Ditch the blender once in a while and try these. You can freeze them (they taste like freeze pops) or do what I do, and slurp them up cold from the fridge. The consistency when eating it this way is more like a healthy GoGurt.


Some people find that any pair of yoga pants works just fine, I am not that person. Good yoga pants need structure, durability, pockets (yes, you need them) and fabric that does a nice job of holding everything in. I tried Yummie’s Rachel Shaping Leggings, and by golly, I’ve found the right workout pants for me. The best thing about these are the deep pockets and how it sits on my waist, so I don’t have to constantly pull on them.


Some of us need a bit more cushion to make things like yoga and Pilates work. If you’re not open to buying a new yoga mat, get this cushion instead. This cushioned mat has enough padding to it to help relieve pressure on your knees and elbows, and when I’ve used it on thinner yoga mats, it’s helped me get through my Pilates workout without any pain.


Sometimes I like to switch it up from the mat and use this resistance bar to get an intense workout that makes working out a bit more fun. This resistance bar is not only affordable, it’s also sturdy, no matter the position you use it in. You can get a serious sweat with this one.


You don’t need massive weights that take up a lot of space to get in a good workout. I’ve been working on strength training as a beginner and these 2-pound weights are helping me get better while also adding intensity to my cardio workouts. While you may want to jump to heavier weights, take it from me: If you’re getting back into workouts, then start small.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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