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Things That Can Make You Know That You Have a Toxic Family Member

Most individuals choose not to use the word toxic family members because it portrays a negative picture of their family but it is what happens in most family relationships. The toxic family member can be your sibling your parent or immediate relative and it is their actions such as manipulation, neediness criticism, jealousy that may cause stress on you. The article highlights some of the notable signs that you are feeling depressed as a result of a toxic relationship with your family member.

The inability to feel comfortable and happy when having a sitting with any of your family member shows that there is something wrong. Any discussion that you have with your family member is likely to quickly degenerate into an argument and harsh words may be said which may affect your well-being. The inability to stay happy whenever having a discussion with any of your sibling or parent just that there is something wrong especially when you have feelings of shame, guilty, being hurt and feeling regretful.

If you always find an excuse to run from the thought of meeting any of your family member then it is a sure sign that they are affecting your life negatively. As a human being most of the time you love to spend time with those who are special to you like your family members because of the uplifting moments that you share. When during most of the other days you do not attend any of the functions due to presence of a family member then it can be a sign that you’re having problems with them.

Adulthood requires that everyone to become responsible for their action and to manage their life effectively. You need to find ways to avoid any family member who is unable to control their lives and who requires constant attention from you as immediate family member.

You might think that emotional draining can only result from a romantic relationship but it also appears in the family relationships. When after talking with your family member you feel like you are exhausted, unhappy and emotionally unstable then you need to think twice about the relationship. When you cannot come up with concrete topic and only major on the negatives during your talks then you will definitely feel drained.

When you experience the above highlighted feelings then it is a sign that your family member is the one causing your problems. Sometimes you might think that your family members are the one causing problems but in the real case you could be the toxic family member. You should not constantly feel stressed as a result of the action of the other and you need to openly discuss about it and if possible draw limits to that relationship.

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