5 Exercises To Do In Bed When Watching Netflix


When was the last time you tried to meet up with your fitness goal? Do you remember how excited you were at the beginning of the year and how determined you were to keep in shape?

What has happened to that excitement and goal? Binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix has probably taken all the time off your hands.  Yes, you are probably having fun watching these great shows,  but a part of you is certainly not happy with those extra pounds you have added in weight.

Well, you don’t need to go to the gym anymore if this is what has been derailing you, you can carry out some exercises on your bed without stepping an inch out of your home. With modern tech advancements, you can stream live exercises on Netflix and get it done on your bed. Amazing right?

There are various exercise streaming services that you can try at home. To get started, you may want to go through UK.collected.reviews to read streaming service reviews and use the various tips available in choosing the best one for you.

Meanwhile, below are 5 exercises you can try in bed while binge-watching your favorite shows:

The forearm plank

Do you want to build muscles and get a flat tummy? Then, this is the best exercise for you. Kneel on your bed, and bend over your forearm. Stretch your forearm on the bed, and then stretch out your knees fully. Ensure you don’t relax on the bed, let your weight rest on your arms and legs. You can hang in there for a few seconds, then you relax.

Try the elevated push up

This can be done comfortably on your bed, with your pillows. Your pillows will lift you up to the elevated level. Using your toes to push yourself and a flat surface like a stool or a bench to place your hands, while the remaining part of your body is still on the bed.

Hip bridge exercise

What are your fitness goals? Flat tummy and a nice shape right? Maybe some nice abs and muscles as well, the hip bridge exercise is just perfect for you. Lie flat on your bed and lift your two legs up. Lift from your buttocks up and ensure your two legs are straight together. Do this for a few seconds and you will feel great.

Reverse crunches

This is a very easy exercise that can be done on the comfort of your bed. Lie on your bed with your back to the bed. Your hands should be laid flat beside you. Lift your legs high enough until your toes touch your forehead. Then return your leg to the bed slowly. Do the same for the other leg until you are satisfied. This exercise will give you a flat tummy and keep you in shape.

The straight leg lift       

Have you been experiencing some back and knee pain? Then, you need to try the straight leg lifts. It is easy and very effective to ease off your pains. You will lie on your back, lift one leg up, hold for a few seconds, gradually drop the leg and lift the second one. This could be repeated about 10 or 20 times, it depends on how far you can go.

Want to watch Netflix all day? Then, try these exercises from the comfort of your bed. You don’t need to miss your favorite movie, just stay in bed and keep fit.

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