A Bodybuilder Took on Eddie Hall’s Boxing Workout and Diet Plan


Eddie Hall has transformed his body since pivoting from strongman to boxing over the last two years, and bodybuilder and influencer MattDoesFitness just found out exactly what the former World’s Strongest Man winner goes through every single day to achieve and sustain those results. In a new collaboration on YouTube, which Eddie also chronicled on his own channel, Matt spent the day living exactly like Eddie, throwing himself into his workouts and eating 7,000 calories.

The day starts off with a 1.5-mile run in a 15-kg (33 pounds) weighted vest, which they both complete in 13 minutes 10 seconds, after which Matt, who consistently struggles with the cardio portion of any fitness challenge, expresses a keen desire to set fire to the vest. “It’s like someone’s punching you in the stomach every second while you’re running,” he says.

After the first meal of the day (ground beef with eggs, spinach and mushrooms and a serving of oatmeal), Eddie takes Matt to the gym for a full body workout including incline bench press, shoulder press, cable rows, and sled pushes. Then Matt forces down the next meal, a protein shake and some fruit, before moving onto the swimming portion of the workout, consisting of six three-minute rounds of drills.

“It’s hard in the gym, but you can just sit down,” says an exhausted Matt after his first circuit in the pool. “In the water, you just feel like you’re going to drown.”

The third protein-packed meal is chicken tacos with salad, then Matt has an hour and a half to kill while Eddie completes the next part of his daily routine: an hour and a half of sleep in a hyperbaric chamber. Once Eddie is back up, they start their boxing workout—and Eddie demonstrates his considerable punching power.

And finally, as part of his recovery routine, Eddie takes Matt for a dip in his jacuzzi and then an ice bath for hot and cold exposure therapy. It’s an intense way to end an incredibly packed, full-on kind of day, but as Eddie says: “It’s my full-time job.”

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