All dragons in TFT Set 7.5 Uncharted Realms


Riot Video games has doubled down on dragons in Teamfight Ways Set 7.5, remodeling the Dragon trait to enable various dragons in perform at any time although including five new ones. 

The launch of Dragonlands Uncharted Realms has expanded gameplay options with a full of 12 dragons. Many thanks to a rework to the Dragon trait, players can set up to 5 dragons on the board at just one time. Each dragon continue to has an Origin trait that ticks up to a few upon that dragon receiving put on the TFT board. And bonuses have been extra to the Dragon trait that raises in top quality the a lot more dragons a participant chooses to run on their staff.

A cost reduction was utilized to all dragons for TFT Established 7.5 at all tiers and two dragons were being included at tier three. The price tag of a tier-3 dragon is 6 gold, tier-4 is 7 gold, and tier-five is now eight gold. Gamers who want to deep dive into just about every dragon’s capacity and stats can uncover all that facts in this article. 

From a former Trainer to a new winner design, listed here are the 12 dragons players can contend with in Teamfight Strategies Set 7.5 Uncharted Realms


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Rolling about the TFT sport board with a defend and knocking into enemies is the new tier-a few dragon, Zippy. The dragon expenses 6 gold to invest in in the shop and has Guild as an Origin trait. Putting Zippy on the battlefield ticks the Guild trait bonuses up three without having any other Guild models on the board when having a beefy dragon that can disrupt an enemy team with its stun and apply significant hurt at all a few stars.

Zippy wants defensive TFT objects and/or Thieves Gloves. 


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Graduating from the Trainer trait in Established 7, Nomsy is a comprehensive fledge tier-3 dragon in TFT Established 7.5. His Origin is Prodigy, summoning a former Trainer dependent on three random features Nomsy can roll every single activity. Moving from a frontline tank to a lot more of a backline secondary have, Nomsy however makes use of his Fireball spell to decide on apart enemies although also hitting more random targets with his spell. Nomsy is a guidance and synergy champion who can use AP things. 


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Daeja is however a tier-4 dragon with the Mirage trait as its Origin. The dragon has no attack problems in Established 7.5 and will quickly pop off merchandise Deathblade and Runaan’s Hurricane if a participant makes an attempt to equip Daeja with them. Daeja was a major performer in Established Seven and is nevertheless a solid backline carrier inside of Dragonlands Uncharted Realms. AP objects like Archangel’s Workers or Hand of Justice are however preferred on Daeja. 


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Shifting from the Cannoneer frontline tank to a versatile tank is Idas. They are continue to a tier-four dragon with the Shimmerscale trait as their Origin, together with Guardian as a third trait. Idas wants tank things and must always get placed on the frontline for the duration of beat except making an attempt to block Assassin units from hitting a backline carrier.  

Shi Oh Yu

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Shi Oh Yu is nonetheless a tier-four dragon in TFT Set 7.5, with Jade as its Origin. The Jade trait is not as potent as it was throughout Established 7 but will continue to have an impact on the Uncharted Realms meta. Great merchandise on Shi Oh Yu are still Blood Thirster and Edge of Night.  


Graphic through Riot Video games

The TFT workforce wished a new tier-4 dragon for Established 7.5 and made a decision to give it a new model that synergizes with the new Lagoon trait. Sohm is a backline provider that has Lagoon as its Origin. It makes use of Tideblossoms to mark enemies and their spell can hit multiple targets. Vertical Lagoon is a sound comp in Uncharted Realms with Sohm as the dragon. Blue Buff is a ought to on Sohm except if running the Blue Battery Augment, along with AP merchandise. 


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Comparable to Jade, Whispers is nevertheless a practical vertical TFT Established 7.5 comp with Sy’fen as the tier-four dragon. The dragon is greatest with Advert products, in particular Blood Thirster. Contrary to Established 7, Sy’fen can get played in a range of comps in just Uncharted Realms, activating the Whispers trait for additional armor and magic resistance shredding. 

Swain Dragon Tyrant

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Swain was a Tyrant as a Ragewing device in the course of Set 7 so it only tends to make feeling that he has progressed into a dragon in TFT Set 7.5 with Tyrant in his identify. The tier-4 dragon has the new Darkflight trait as his Origin and is now a frontline tank as opposed to a backline ranged have. Perfect objects on Swain are a combination of AP and defensive. 

Aurelion Sol

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Aurelion Sol had a tough time through Set 7 and gamers are hoping for more out of the tier-five dragon in Established 7.5. Astral is however Aurelion Sol’s Origin, in which the trait acquired a rework for Uncharted Realms. The dragon still casts black holes and desires a Mage emblem if doable. Excellent objects on Aurelion Sol are AP. 

Ao Shin 

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Ao Shin returns in Established 7.5 as a tier-five dragon. He’s nonetheless a last famous comp finisher and has Tempest as his Origin. Equivalent to Aurelion Sol, a Mage emblem on Ao Shin is effective. Most popular products for the tier-5 dragon are AP. 


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Supporting late-recreation comps and legendary builds is Shyvana. The tier-five dragon even now has Ragwing as her Origin. Shyvana is a lot more of a assist unit, usually remaining out of vertical Ragewing builds at the start of Established 7.5. Ideal merchandise for her are Morellonomicon and other AP things. 


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Terra is the new tier-five dragon who’s a tank that takes advantage of their Monolith one of a kind Origin to armor up allies. Terra typically wishes to get put in the center of the board and can offer out a sound volume of destruction in addition to defending on their own. Terra wants defensive products. 

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