Bretman Rock Ab Workout Critique


As a health and fitness coach, I usually uncover inspiration from social media and I love analyzing distinctive exercise tendencies I locate online.

Bretman Rock, attractiveness qualified and social media influencer, took social media by storm with his workout the “ABSolutely Not Workout”— it racked up nearly a million sights in just a couple of months! When Rock isn’t a particular trainer, he has a health track record as an athlete and does get the job done with CrossFit instructors and trainers.

Right after looking through some opinions, I imagined there was no way this exercise session could be as extreme as absolutely everyone was boasting. As a Pilates instructor, I perform my core just about every single day, so I figured I experienced the power and endurance to make it through his training very easily. I was enthusiastic to try out it and see for myself what all the buzz was about.

What is the “ABSolutely Not Workout”? 

The Absolutely Not Workout also identified as the “Bretman Rock Ab Workout” is Bretman Rock’s main routine. You can obtain the work out for totally free on Rock’s YouTube channel. The “ABSolutely Not Workout” begins at 9:18 in this online video named “3 Simple Exercise sessions to look Lovable.”

The workout is straightforward to adhere to, necessitates no devices, and functions the abdominal muscles from all angles. It’s only 8 minutes, but persons claim it leaves their abs burning. The exercise consists of 3 circuits of three routines performed in a 20-40-60 sample. You rest for 30 seconds concerning every spherical.

  • 20 crunches, 40 in-and-outs, 60-second elbow plank
  • 20 plank with hip dips, 40 mountain climbers, 60 scissors kicks
  • 20 reverse crunches, 40 toe-contact crunches, 60-second hollow hold

I tried using the “ABSolutely Not Workout”

Holy cow, this was nuts rapid!

Admittedly, he did offer a extended rest interval in involving just about every circuit, but I doubted I’d need to have the excess time. Boy, was I wrong! It was a tremendous rigorous ab exercise that absolutely necessary I consider a lot more breaks than just 30 seconds.

At my 20th in and out, I was inquiring myself, “When is this going to be around?” and that was only the 2nd physical exercise! My ab muscles were on hearth and I did not even make it by the full 60-next plank maintain I dropped to my knees at 45 seconds and stayed down for longer than the relaxation time period.

The scissor kicks moved so quickly that I felt myself using my leg muscles too much instead of my abs.
The scissor kicks moved so promptly that I felt myself utilizing my leg muscle tissues as well significantly rather of my stomach muscles.

I started out the subsequent spherical with the hip dips, which really felt incredible. I cherished functioning my love tackle spot and felt my aspect midsection tightening. I’m definitely heading to incorporate that into my common ab plan. The mountain climbers were being aggravating, for every normal, and I had to modify the 60 scissor kicks, retaining my head down and carrying out fewer of a swing with my legs. Due to the fact I was relocating so quick, my legs were extra fatigued than my ab muscles simply because my abdominal muscles weren’t as engaged as they really should be, but with that numerous reps it was extremely difficult to maintain them doing work without having my legs having above. 

I held my knees to my upper body to relaxation my legs throughout the split. Then I started off up with the third and ultimate (thank God!) round. I was careful to not permit momentum acquire over all through the 20 reverse crunches, so I actually felt my low stomach muscles firing throughout these reps. The toe touches ended up a torcher! My very low abdominal muscles and higher stomach muscles had been on hearth. (Notice to self: need to include this into my training schedule, far too!) To cap off the work out, the hollow hold was just way way too extended. I experienced to stop at 30 seconds and then complete the final 30 seconds right after a fast break instead of executing it for the whole 60 seconds.

What I appreciated about the “Unquestionably Not Exercise routine” 

It’s only 8 minutes! Not getting adequate time is no justification for not becoming equipped to get in a sound main exercise session. 

I appreciate that the work out hits the core from all angles — lying down on the ground on your back, in plank and in aspect plank. It will work not only the front of the abs, but also the sides, specially the obliques and aspect midsection. I unquestionably approach on together with some of the workouts into my program consistently.

What I did not like about the “Completely Not Workout”

I didn’t like how there wasn’t a step-by-action demo of just about every move. I would have at minimum liked to see a comprehensive variation of Rock undertaking the schedule to follow along with him. In its place, you observe the video clip the place he displays clips of himself executing the moves and then you established the timer to do the exercise on your own. Primarily for novices, I am concerned that folks may pressure their necks and backs. Rock even claims that he knows people today will critique his form, so I do want to warn persons who are hoping this routine to listen to their bodies and get breaks when necessary. 

This training is not for newcomers. I’d propose that newcomers go slower, do significantly less reps, and take a great deal more time breaks through.

I would suggest the “ABSolutely Not Workout” to:

  •  Advanced exercisers seeking to burn off out their abs
  • Pilates lovers wanting to transform up their ab regime
  • Any individual who wishes to get a reliable core work out in a quick amount of money of time
  • Folks hunting for a main regimen they can do anywhere (with out any gear!)

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