Carrie Jose Health and Wellness How you interpret pain could save you from unnecessary procedures

Carrie Jose

When you’re experiencing pain it can be uncertain and sometimes even scary. Should you rest?  Should you work through it?  Should you just wait and see? And most importantly – do you need a medical procedure to fix it? 

The most important thing to understand about pain is that first and foremost – it’s information. What you do with that information can be different for everyone. Sometimes when you experience pain, it means you’ve harmed yourself and there is tissue damage, for example, you burn yourself, cut yourself, sprain your ankle, etc.  But not always. Pain is just that – an experience. Your brain sends a signal and it’s up to you how you interpret it. In cases where someone has experienced pain for a really long time, such as with chronic back or joint pain, the experience of pain can start to become confusing. When you experience pain over and over, the signals coming from your brain can get muddled. And how you interpret those signals can become unreliable over time.

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