Discover the DNA Tests You Can Do at Home


Every year, technology creates new and better ways of doing things, and DNA testing is one of those. For sample collection laboratories have created special kits to allow people to take samples from their homes. Prenatal paternity testing is often the most purchased by couples who want to find out for sure and can’t wait until the baby is born. However, laboratories also offer other DNA testing methods whose samples you can collect at home. For example, if you want to know the gender of your baby, you can buy a DNA gender test. Just log on to each laboratory’s website to discover the kits they provide. Each laboratory has its particular working methods, so you should read the information they show about how they perform each type of test.

What supplies are included in the kit to take the DNA samples?

Each laboratory offers its kit for you to take the samples for the DNA test you have already chosen. For example, if you need to perform a paternity test between two people, the kit includes swabs to collect the saliva sample required for this test. If the baby is not yet born, the baby’s DNA sample is obtained through a blood sample from the mother from the 7th week of pregnancy. Here, the kit includes a needle system very similar to those used to measure insulin in the blood. The kit also includes step-by-step instructions on how to collect the samples. Never start collecting samples until you have read and completely understood these instructions. If something goes wrong, you need to buy another kit.

Are these tests legal?

DNA testing, such as paternity tests, often has a second use. They can help a couple find out for sure or as part of a legal suit to get paternity or child support rights. When you visit a laboratory’s website, you can find two types of tests: a non-legally valid test and a legally valid one. A non-legally valid test is just as reliable as a legally valid test. The only difference between the two types of tests is how the samples are collected and what you can do with the obtained results. The cost of the legally valid test is higher because, in this case, the samples have to be collected by an allowed third party who certifies that the persons who provided the samples are the right ones. You will have to move to a certain location to provide your samples.

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