Do these ‘microworkouts’ if you cannot make it to the gym


For whatever reason, some people are not able to go to the gym to enjoy a workout session; it could be because of time constraints, lethargy, or something else. Whatever may be the reason, staying physically active on an everyday basis is a prerequisite to good health. So, what can people, who are averse to gym sessions, do to make sure they are active every day?

On Twitter, one Johnny Brown shared an interesting thread: a series of tweets explaining the concept of ‘microworkouts’. Brown wrote that microworkouts “allow busy people to stay fit by adding small exercises into their normal routines”. He listed some key benefits:

– [They require] no equipment
– Build strength
– Improve balance
– Boost metabolism
– [Need] no gym membership

In subsequent tweets, Brown suggested a few examples of microworkouts, giving them unique names; read on.

1. Hourly air squats: “Perform 10 air squats every hour. By the end of your work day, you’ll have given your glutes a solid workout without ever leaving your office.”

2. Email push-ups: “Stack your tasks and achieve more by doing 5 push-ups for every email you send.”

3. Plank-and-hold: “Waiting for a meeting or stuck on hold? Drop down and hold a plank to pass the time. This will strengthen your core without disrupting your schedule at all.”

4. Coffee cardio: “Get your heart rate up with some jumping jacks while your Keurig works its magic.”

5. Walking meetings: “Get mobile with your meetings. This will get your heart rate up and help you stay engaged in your call.”

6. Hallway lunges: “Instead of walking down the hall, do lunges to get a great glute and leg burn in.”

7. Microwave high knees: “Start burning the calories in advance and working your legs by doing high knees until your food is ready.”

8. Toothbrush calf raises: “Take 2 minutes to give your calves a light workout while you brush your teeth.”

9. Side leg raises: “When you return to your desk, grab your chair and raise one leg out to your side. Repeat 10x with both legs for a stronger core and healthy hips.”

10. Seated flutter kicks: “While you’re working at your desk, do flutter kicks every hour to strengthen your core.”

11. Standing sessions: “One of the easiest ways to be more active is to simply stand while you work. Pick 30 minutes a day to stand up while you do your tasks.”

12. Wall sits: “30 seconds and a wall is all it takes to do wall sits and start feeling the burn in your legs and core.”

“Small, consistent efforts lead to big results. If you do these microworkouts, you will work nearly every muscle group in your body by the end of the day. You’ll start noticing results and getting stronger, all without ever adding time to your day or stepping foot in a gym,” Brown tweeted.

Mukul Nagpaul, who is a Fit India Movement ambassador and the founder of Pmftraining, told that microworkouts are “a combination of strength and cardio”. “They can be done with or without equipment. With people lacking time, performing these workouts can help them to burn higher number calories in a short amount of time, allowing them to improve mobility, endurance and strength.”

According to Nagpaul, the best thing about these workouts is that they only require your body weight — no gym and other paraphernalia — especially since people have realised the importance of health and want to achieve fitness goals even amid busy schedules.

He concurred with the aforementioned examples, such as doing pushups while waiting for your food to get heated in the microwave.

Would you like to try these interesting workouts?

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