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Distinction between LPNs and RNs

There is no doubt that there are so many nurses in Canada. While some of these nurses are Registered Nurses, you will learn that others are Licensed Practical Nurses. There is actually a big difference between these two. You will get to know more about these differences as you read on.

You will note that an RN will often have to put in more time in education as compared to an LPN. You will find that it will take about 18-36 months for an RN to get their degree. You will actually realize that there are times that they will only get a certificate or an associate degree. It is necessary that they ensure that they pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. There is no doubt that this degree will time and again be competitive. This is what makes more and more employers to appreciate it. It is also possible for the RNs to pursue a Masters or even a doctorate in nursing. It will only take about 12 months for an LPN to complete his or her studies. They will often tend to focus more on patient care. This degree is designed in such a way that will allow then to get into the workforce as soon as possible. They will tehn have the room to fund their education further.

You will note that there is a clear cut difference between where and how LPNs and RNs work. Generally, you will find that nurses work in diverse environments. You need to keep in mind that an RN will every so often be more qualified than an LPN. It is for this reason that RNs are allowed to offer specialist care. You will realize that LPNs will be tasked with giving patients their medication as well as reading vital signs. In most cases, you will find that LPNs prefer working in long term facilities such as rehab centers and even nursing homes. You will easily find RNs in hospitals. You will realize that RNs have more responisbilities than the LPNs especially in the hospital settings. There is even a possibility for the RNS to be in charge of LPNs. The LPNs are free to use their experience to get a BSN.

It is certain that RNs earn more than LPNs. This difference will often be based on where they are working and their responsibilities. They will be required to sit for and pass an exam so as to be certified. It will also be required of them to pass a background check so as to be allowed in the workforce. It is necessary for their licenses to be up to date at all times.

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