Every thing we know about the leaked Misplaced Ark roadmap


Missing Ark’s Western start is continue to current in players’ minds, but lots of have by now accomplished most of the game’s content and are pondering which new functions they’ll be ready to discover in the coming months.

The reply to this problem was discovered earlier than expected, both of those for the admirers and the developer. Amazon Video games mistakenly leaked the game’s roadmap, publishing a now-deleted announcement on the game’s formal discussion board.

And if the roadmap turns out to be correct, there will be a great deal of content material to glimpse ahead to, specially for hardcore gamers who have currently reached Tier 3 content material.

Right here is what was disclosed on Misplaced Ark’s roadmap.

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March updates

1st Abyssal Raid: Argos

The only official announcement on the game’s roadmap is Argos, the to start with Abyss Raid to be a part of the sport in March. The forthcoming 8-player Guardian will have three phases to entire, every necessitating a various typical item degree. The first phase will demand an product stage of 1,370, the next an product amount of 1,385, and the last an product level of 1,400. They are amongst the optimum product ranges available in the activity at this time.

Argos is a former ally who betrayed his facet to observe Varkan, the Guardian of Chaos. It attributes assaults these kinds of as meteor falls, a tiles mechanic with Sunshine and Moon symbols, a cost, and AoE attacks.

New tale quests: Kadan

Very first PvP year

The PvP fans are in for a deal with considering that the 1st PvP year will kick off this month. It’ll feature several rewards these as top quality currencies, titles, mounts, and up grade elements.

April updates

New course: Destroyer

The Destroyer is a sub-course of the Warrior classification. Like all other Warrior courses, it is male-locked. It wields a big hammer and appears to be even far more bloodthirsty than the Berserker. In this article is a movie of its gameplay.

Initial Legion raid, new Guardian raid

This content will also be committed to gamers with the maximum item amounts in the match, with a 1,415 item degree need for each individual raid.

New region: South Vern

For the second, most players are largely wandering on the North Vern continent to entire their each day responsibilities and improve their equipment. But their primary town could alter in April when they reach a substantial item degree with the unlocking of a new region, South Vern. It will very likely function its possess blue questline to finish to unlock additional material.

May possibly updates

New class: Arcana

The Arcana is a feminine-locked Mage course that utilizes cards as weapons. As these kinds of, it has to offer with a random element in its gameplay, which could possibly make it extra complicated to master that the other current Mage lessons. Below is a video clip of its gameplay.

New Guardian raid, new Legion raid

The Guardian raid, Kungelanium, will demand an normal product level of 1,460 and Vykas will call for a 1,430 product degree.

New solo sport experience: Thronespire

It will be a sport working experience of a new variety in Misplaced Ark. It’ll be the very first single-participant dungeon to be a part of the match.

Preserve in intellect, nonetheless, that individuals plans aren’t set in stone, apart from for Argos’ Abyssal Raid. “We are at this time creating adjustments… centered on player progression facts,” Amazon Video games stated. Some new written content could possibly be delayed if not adequate players have arrived at Tier 3 written content in time, for example.

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