Fit for Life: The Three R’s to Success


Saturday, October 09, 2021


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In life, a lot of the same rules apply to becoming successful in different situations.

An example I always shine a light on is how running a business compares to executing a healthy lifestyle.

Obtaining the knowledge, understanding the components, executing, and staying consistent are the fundamentals to having success in both business and health.


I consider myself an expert in outlining the steps it takes to claim your health, however, running a successful business has been a 7-year work in progress, and it’s something I still work on daily.

Due to the number of moving parts involved, it takes constant learning, focus and implementation of new tasks and strategies to keep progress moving forward.

Advertising strategies change, the economy changes, technology changes, and business models change.

Then unexpected elements like pandemics add to the constant changes that occur daily.

Quite the contrary with your health and fitness.

The basics will always remain the same: Exercise, eat clean, sleep, and hydrate.

Vegetables and quality protein were good for you 100 years ago and are still good for you today.

The same goes for sleep, exercise, and hydration.

The human body always needed these components, and always will.

Nothing has changed on that level.

What these 2 components have in common, is that you must incorporate the (3R) mindset to become successful at either one.

My business mentor Bedros Keuilian did a presentation a while back on how to dominate in business with these 3 R’s, so I am going to tell you how to dominate your health and fitness program using this technique.


The first one is Resilience and having bounce-back ability.

We all go through tough stretches when everything that can go wrong does.

You are doing great with getting to the gym regularly, packing your meals, and keeping your healthy habits on point, then an injury happens, your schedule changes, or a loved one gets sick and that throws you out of your routine.

Acquiring good exercise and eating habits are tough to install into your lifestyle, but can be done with a lot of self-talk and mental focus. However, falling back into bad habits happens quickly, and easily.

Look what happens around the holidays.

You eat badly for a couple of days, and it easily morphs into a few weeks.

Then weeks become months, and before you know it, you are in a place you don’t want to be in.

This is where resiliency is needed.

You must be tough and claw your way back up to where you want to be.

It takes tough mental stamina, strong will, and the desire to succeed to become resilient.

You must fight temptation and develop those good habits again.

The weak will fail, but the resilient will prevail.

In business, the same thing happens.

You get on a roll, then hit a roadblock and move a step backward.

The key is to take more steps forward than you go back and this requires showing up every day and being ready to battle.

Resiliency and hard work have gotten me through some difficult situations. Can you say Covid?

Intelligence or experience in running a business didn’t play a role here.

Before I opened Providence Fit Body Boot Camp 7 years ago, I had zero formal business training, therefore being resilient and having a no quit attitude has become essential for survival and future success.


The second one is that you need to be Resourceful because not everything goes as planned.

This is also one of my core values at Providence Fit Body Boot Camp.

I tell my team that when something unexpected happens, like we run out of paper, the pipe freezes in the bathroom or a member doesn’t feel well during a workout, we need to think fast, and problem solves ASAP.

Find solutions, don’t dwell on the problem, and do it quickly!

The same goes for you when you are trying to get fit and healthy.

With the nutrition aspect, you won’t always have the ability to carry around all your prepped meals with you.

If you get stuck at work longer than expected, and get hungry, you need to find the best option available to you.

That may be running to a 7/11 and getting a Cliff Bar & a bottle of water, a banana & some packaged nuts, or a container of greek yogurt.

Not ideal, but better than not eating, or eating some fast-food crap, a candy bar, or a bakery item.

When you go to the fridge and you realized that you forgot to hit the market, you need to be resourceful and throw something together.

We usually always have eggs, frozen vegetables, peanut butter, or something that can be created to emulate a healthy meal. If you have something with protein in it, and are a little resourceful, you’re good to go.

Traveling or can’t make it to the gym?

There are tons of bodyweight movements that will have you sweating up a storm in about 10 minutes.

If you are resourceful, you will get it done, if you are not, that’s another workout missed, and another unnecessary excuse for not getting it done.


Oppressively constant: incessant. / harsh or inflexible is the definition for the final R and that’s Relentless.

Success with anything requires consistency, drive, repetition, and a strong desire for your envisioned outcome.

You can’t eat well sometimes, exercise occasionally, get to bed on time a few days a week, and drink enough water when you feel like it.

This needs to be done all the time and forever.

You need to get in the habit of doing what you NEED to do and not just doing what you LIKE to do.

This holds true for every aspect of your life.

In business, you need to fire people, stay late to GSD, get up early when it’s cold and rainy outside on a daily basis.

As far as your health and fitness, you need to eat clean every day and workout 3-5 times a week, or it won’t work out in your favor.

There is no flexibility to becoming successful on any level.

Either you are doing, or you are not doing. There is no trying.

I am where I want to be on a health and fitness level, however, with business, I am just getting started.

I had a lot to learn, and still have a long way to go before I consider myself successful.

If I stop now, it will never happen.

I know the more resilient, resourceful, and relentless I become in my pursuit, the more likely I will get closer to my goals.

We are all working towards something in life, and the more we stay focused and keep putting in the reps, the closer we get every day, so when you feel down and out, dig a little deeper, and ask yourself how bad do you want it?


Committed to your success,




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