Four tips on how to adopt a wellness lifestyle


On a physical level

Diet: You are what you eat

If you want to switch to a lifestyle that transforms you into a healthier person in a better state, then you’re going to want to start with your diet. Omnipresent modern-day foods aren’t what they seem. They are quite detrimental to health in the long run and set most people up to become sick in their old age. 

While there’s nothing wrong with biting into a juicy burger once in a while, many people, unfortunately, do not moderate their consumption of meat. The same thing goes for sugar and overconsumption of refined carbohydrates in bread, pasta, and white rice. 

Sugar is found in almost anything, but there’s a difference between glucose and fructose. Sugar (fructose) found in fruits is much healthier. And eating whole foods instead of junk foods is the first thing you should be doing if you want to switch to a more wellness, more active lifestyle. 

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What happens when we don’t moderate our diet? And it’s genuinely too easy to fall into this type of eating. Most things in convenience stores, vending machines, and supermarkets fall into these categories. And most popular recipes fall into these sorts of food.

Now you can understand why many people get diabetes, gut/colon problems, heart problems, and are slightly overweight when they get older. Following a diet that only consists of processed foods, sugar, refined carbs, and meat invites a host of other diseases as well. 

So, what happens when we consume processed foods, sugar, refined carbs, and meat too much? Here are a few very real possibilities:

  • Obesity and Diabetes: Eating too much food that contains too much sugar can lead to all types of diseases. One major problem with sugar is that it causes you to gain weight rapidly. And being overweight can lead to having Type 2 Diabetes. 
  • Stomach Problems, Weight Gain, and Fatigue: Eating too much white rice, pasta, and white bread can lead to digestive issues as they are hard to break down and contain no fiber. This can also lead to fatigue. You also gain weight quite easily when you consume too many of these refined carbs without moderation. 
  • Heart, Stomach, and Colon Problems: Meat like beef, pork, chicken, and turkey contain unsaturated fats. When you overconsume meat, you can spike up your cholesterol levels which can spell trouble for your heart. Digestive issues can also occur since meat is much harder to break down than fish or plant-based proteins. It can take your body two days to digest meat. In the long run, your colon can accumulate the waste from the undigested meat and can block you from absorbing nutrients into your body, develop Colon diseases, and can also set you up to be constantly constipated. 

Switch to whole foods, complex carbs, & less meat

Whole foods signify everything that isn’t processed and is “whole.” Vegetables, fruits, and the like. Complex carbs include brown rice, oats, and lentils. They haven’t been processed dramatically and still have nutrients that you can take advantage of. And since we’ve stated that only eating meat can lead to heart, stomach, and colon problems, then switching to a diet with less meat is the way to go.

Try eating seafood, especially tuna and salmon. These two are a great source of protein and are easier to digest. Also try tofu, tempeh, and seitan. Plant-based proteins are a great way to get your protein but not have to worry about causing yourself heart problems. 

Movement is medicine: Exercise!

Our bodies were made to move. Lack of exercise is another defining factor that can greatly affect your wellness. You can get your exercise from any type of activity, and you don’t need to subscribe to a gym and follow a wild workout plan.

It’s honestly up to your preferences. Sports offer a great chance to move and exercise while still being challenged and having fun. The gym can also be a good option for those who don’t want to take up a sport as a hobby. Here are just a few suggestions of the many things you can actually do to get some exercise:

  • Hiking in nature: If you’re outdoorsy and love nature, hiking can be a great way to exercise. It’s a cardio exercise because you’re training your endurance, and it’s great to keep your heart healthy. 
  • Weightlifting: If you like aesthetics and prefer strength training, weightlifting can be a good option. You can shape your body and get an adequate amount of exercise simultaneously. 
  • Sprinting/Jump Rope/HIIT: These are all high-intensity interval training examples. For people who have stamina and prefer shorter workouts that are more intense, this is your go-to. You can do high-intensity sprints outside or on a treadmill, use a jump rope, or follow a HIIT workout plan. 

On a mental & spiritual level

Brain Diet: Too much information, no value

We live in a fast-paced technological world where companies are making money from your focus. If you want to transition to a better lifestyle where you commit to your wellness fully, you’ll need to cut off problems from the source.

This means social media. Yes, overconsumption of social media is unhealthy for you — but on a mental and spiritual level. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook all have their perks. Don’t get us wrong. You can instantly communicate with your loved ones, meet and befriend strangers, set up shop, and learn a lot about new things from the algorithm. 

However, humans are generally creatures of habit, and phone addiction is way too real. Soon, you’ll notice that your phone has just notified you that you spend 7 hours on it a day. And addiction is just the icing on the cake. Social media has been revealed to be detrimental to self-esteem and can warp sensible perceptions and values. 

There’s a lot of toxic media out there, and as we’ve already said: You are what you eat. You are what you consume. 

Switch To minimalism, moderation, and nature

Many aspects of social media and virtual life are just what it essentially is: it’s virtual. It’s illusory. Want to feel better? Think better? Do better? Reduce your phone time. Reduce your social media time. Read a book. Go out. There’s no problem in taking a break and indulging yourself on your phone, but don’t make it your whole life.

If everything is in balance, so is your well-being. Don’t let life pass by because of your phone. Take time to explore and get out of your comfort zone once in a while. 

Final thoughts

It’s safe to say that many aspects of modern everyday life can lead to unhealthiness, addiction, and mental issues. We’re not being pessimistic; it’s observation. It’s very important to try and change for the better. One transformed individual can do many great things in their life or at least lead a happy and authentic life. We hope this helps. 

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