How Reliable is a Home Paternity Test?


If you need to find out who your father is or if you are the father of a child, there is no better way to find it out than through DNA. If you don’t have time to go to a laboratory, you can do a home paternity test. What is it? The laboratories have created a kit that they send to your home so that you can take the samples yourself. Instead of going to the lab to drop off your samples, you send your samples to the lab. It is as simple as that. With a home DNA testing kit, you will be able to take a sample of your saliva and that of the probable father or son. These samples will be sent to the address on the kit and you will receive the results in about 3 days, directly to your email.

What happens if the result is not 100%?

When people take a DNA test for the first time and they do it through one of these kits that you can buy on the Internet, they are amazed to see that, when the result is positive, it does not reach 100%, but stays at 99.99%. The first thing they think is that the test is not accurate and they begin to doubt it. It is important to understand that this happens with any DNA test you take, regardless of the laboratory that performs it. It turns out that to get 100%, you would have to test an entire population that shares the same ethnicity. This is impossible. Although some of our DNA is similar to that of our parents, there is always something that changes. This is what makes each person unique.

What is the difference between laboratory tests and home paternity tests?

When people discover that they can do a DNA test from home, they often think that this test differs from the one they would do in a laboratory. You must understand that testing the DNA of two people requires sophisticated machines that are only available in laboratories. In other words, when you take the samples at home and send them to the lab, you get the same confidence in the results as if you went directly to the lab. The advantage of doing this from home is that you don’t have to wait for the lab to have available appointments, nor do you have to waste time or energy traveling to the lab to provide your samples.

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