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Selling your House to Direct Buyers Vis–vis Regular Property Agents

There are times when you need to sell your property as fast as possible. In case you are faced with foreclosure or you want to sell an unwanted house, the fact remains that you need to sell it quickly. This can be the case if you are facing a divorce or moving to a new area. In such cases, using a typical run of the mill property agent may not help you much due to the time constraints. This is where a direct home buyer can come in handy to make the process fast, effortless and stress-free. Although normal real estate agents can be useful, only direct house buyers can help if you need to sell in a hurry. If you need some convincing regarding who between a conventional real estate guy and a direct property dealer is more convenient, here are a few pointers.

When it comes to fees and commissions, the real estate agent goes home with full pockets. In most real estate deals, the agents usually get a commission of 6{3c10558e056e7b129236fa88df00dfd68b9f11fcf272c3eb40b422cb892500dc} on average though it may be higher depending on their reputation. This commission will be reduced from your own money. On the other hand, when you use a direct seller to dispose of your house, you won’t have to part with a single cent in commission or fees.

In every house sale involving a real estate agent, the issue of cleanup of the property cannot be ignored. It will be your responsibility to hire cleaners to clean the house. This does not only set you back in cleaning costs but also wastes time in the cleaning process. But if you wish to sell without cleaning up, you should use a direct buyer. The direct buyer will handle all the cleaning responsibilities.

When you are using a regular real estate agent, the better looking and well maintained the house has been kept, the better price you’ll get for it. So you have to critically examine the whole property for areas that need repairs. The repairs may be quite expensive especially if you are selling the house due to financial needs. But when you use a direct buyer, you won’t have to spend a cent on repairs. The buyer will handle all the repair costs, taking a huge burden off your shoulders.

Before a real estate deal is completed, there is the vital issue of closing the house. There are usually closing costs involved which on average range from 2{3c10558e056e7b129236fa88df00dfd68b9f11fcf272c3eb40b422cb892500dc}. When you use a real estate agent, you have to pay this fee to close the deal. But if you use a direct buyer, they will pay this fee. You will have to wait for one to two months for the closing date if you use a real estate agent. If you use a direct buyer, you can select the closing date that is most favorable to you. These factors imply that you get a better deal if you use a super fast direct property buyer as compared to a regular property agent.
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