Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate for Week 4 of 2023 season


This past Monday, September 25th, was Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur is a Jewish High Holiday – the holiest of holidays.

The website JewFAQ explains it pretty well:

“The name ‘Yom Kippur’ means ‘Day of Atonement,’ and that pretty much explains what the holiday is. It is a day set aside to ‘afflict the soul,’ to atone for the sins of the past year… On Yom Kippur, the judgment entered in these books is sealed. This day is, essentially, your last appeal, your last chance to change the judgment, to demonstrate your repentance and make amends.”

As ideas go, I like this one a lot.

One day — one day every year — where you apologize for everything you’ve done wrong the past year. An attempt to make amends for everything, to start the process of righting your wrongs.

So, just as I have done for many years, I am once again bringing the concept to fantasy football and everyday life.

Now, I want to be clear here. This is NOT an attempt to minimize the significance or importance of the Yom Kippur holiday. As JewFAQ notes, “Yom Kippur atones only for sins between man and G-d, not for sins against another person. To atone for sins against another person, you must first seek reconciliation with that person, righting the wrongs you committed against them if possible. That must all be done before Yom Kippur.”

As a Jewish man myself, I have no interest in doing anything other than honoring the traditions of the Yom Kippur holiday, just as I do every year. It’s also why I am specifically writing this after Yom Kippur and obviously this is between me and you, not between myself and G-d.

But I DO like the idea. So, I’m using it as inspiration. As motivation. As a reason to once again write about my annual Fantasy (and Life) Day of Atonement.

Let’s start with me.

I am officially atoning for my preseason fade of Mike Evans.

Honestly, it serves me right. I said the following in my preseason Love/Hate about Mike:

Mike Evans is one of my favorite players in the NFL, especially as someone who grew up in College Station, Texas and roots for Texas A&M to this day. Gig’Em Aggies. So why is Evans on this list? … Last season, he had a catch rate below 60% in nine games. And he only finished inside the Top 15 in WR PPG last season because of one monster game in Week 17. He was WR30 in PPG entering Week 17. Now, Evans changes from Tom Brady, under whom Tampa averaged 702 pass attempts per season, to Baker Mayfield who is: a) decidedly not Tom Brady; and b) has one career season with 500-plus attempts.


That was stupid for me to fade one of my favorite players in the NFL and, you know, someone who always produces. I forgot my own stupid rule: Figure out what’s most likely to happen and then, you know, do that.

Because Mike Evans is money in the bank, duh. Over 1,000 yards every single year of his career, spanning nine seasons. Inside the Top 20 fantasy wide receivers for seven straight years and a Top 10 WR in five of the past seven. I was worried about the declining production and the downgrade from Tom Brady to, well, anyone, but didn’t take into account that Mike Evans has been QB proof his whole career. He put up numbers with Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick for crying out loud, you’re telling me he couldn’t with Baker Mayfield? Anyways, I have no shares of Mike Evans this year and anyone that followed my Love/Hate or preseason ranks doesn’t either. And that’s on me. Dumb, dumb me.

Mike Evans had an ADP of WR 30 on Yahoo and through three weeks he’s WR 5 in fantasy football. So not only is he producing, he was a great draft day bargain. And I blew it. Completely and totally. And I own that. And I apologize as your humble servant.

To Mike Evans, the Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield and every fantasy manager that avoided him due to me… I would like to atone. You have my sincere apologies.

But, I am not alone.

Oh no. There are others out there that need to atone. I asked my followers on Twitter, er, for some suggestions and here are some of the ones that came back at me, along with my own thoughts about who else needs to atone for this year. While I appreciate all the votes for, like, LeSean McCoy for ruining the ending to Avengers Endgame, this is just about this year.

Whoever is responsible for the return of wide-legged jeans. Look I am by no means a fashion expert. I am a 30-something (-or-so-ish) father. Skinny jeans, straight-legged jeans, jorts … whatever you want to wear, you do you. No judgment. However, I have lived long enough to know what happens next when wide-legged jeans come into fashion. One day you wake up, look around … and people are wearing JNCOs. (Just google it).

Arthur Smith for not giving more targets to Kyle Pitts. Look, the Falcons are 2-1, so okay, I guess, they are doing better than expected, but when Jonnu Smith has as many receptions on the year as a generational talent at tight end you should be sued for malpractice.

Leagues that allow vetoes. Come on, what are we doing here folks?

Sean Payton and Vance Joseph for whatever the hell that was last Sunday against the Dolphins.

The people putting fewer chips in my chip bags. You call it “shrinkflation” due to rising costs and global supply chain issues, I call it “I’M HUNGRY GIVE ME MY REGULAR AMOUNT OF CHIPS NOW.” I mean, I already feel bad enough about eating this, now you’re making me feel worse because I have to eat six bags to get my fix. Jerks, you make me hangry!

The Chicago Bears for giving Justin Fields only five, count ‘em, five designed runs in the first two games. Good lord. Anytime a talent deficient team can purposely take away the best skill set of their top player you gotta do it, amirite?

The store clerk who told me I could find that size and color online. I’m in the store currently. Your store. Why are you telling me to go online? I’m already online too much as is. If I should go online, why does the store even exist then? Why do you exist? Do I even exist? Is this a simulation? I’m just going to let A.I. dress me from now on.

The ref that called Amari Cooper out of bounds on the long pass last week. We are all human and mistakes will happen but NOT THAT BAD. He wasn’t even near the sideline! Like, not within a foot! Even if you think you saw it, let it continue and he can score a TD and then you can review it and mark him out if he stepped out of bounds earlier. WHICH HE DIDN’T DAMMIT!

Steve. Friggin Steve. I’m so sick of Steve, right? Steve is the worst. He knows what he’s done.

Every single media personality that talked about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce before talking about the Dolphins putting up 70 (70!) points without Jaylen Waddle. Come on. You know I am officially a Swiftie myself and I certainly had fun with the story on #Fantasy Football Happy Hour (Live at noon ET on Peacock and SiriusXM Ch. 85 and then on demand on Peacock, wherever you get podcasts and the NFL on NBC YouTube channel). BUT COME ON! An NFL team put up 70 points in a modern day game and could have put up more. That’s insane! Magical. Brilliance. That has to be the lead. Then have fun with the famous singer and famous tight end. I don’t want to overreact here, but when 70 points in a game can’t get the lead, we’ve lost our way as a society and are two weeks away from complete destruction of modern civilization as we know it.

Anyone that has not bought a subscription to, the premium fantasy football, DFS, best ball and dynasty bundle I’ve put together that includes all the best premium sites in fantasy for one low price. It includes access to Peacock, which gets you the two exclusive NFL games (including the playoff game), my TV shows and much more and it’s a 12 month subscription whenever you buy. Which means you’ll have access through next draft season.

Me, again. This time for throwing a blatant plug into the column by trying to pretend it’s something people should atone for. I feel terrible about it and to punish myself, I will let you sign up for my free daily newsletter at and free news app at Dammit. I did it again.

Anyone that takes up two spaces in a crowded parking lot. They should be jailed for life without parole. Full stop.

Nikola Jokic. I’m a Lakers fan and sweeping them in the Western Conference Finals was pretty rude, Mr. Jokic! You let every other team you faced in the postseason win at least one game in a series, but you have to sweep LeBron? He’s 38 years old. He may only have 10 good years left. (In lieu of atonement I will accept forfeiting a playoff series against the Lakers this year.)

Sean Payton, again. How is Marvin Mims only getting nine routes per game????

Everyone who participates in the annual pumpkin spice backlash to the backlash to the rollout backlash backlash. I thought people who complain about pumpkin spice season were more annoying than people whose entire personality is pumpkin spice, but then the backlash to those people became too much to take and I was pro-backlash backlash. Then I transitioned to anti-pro-backlash-backlash. I think. I’m like 12 years in on this and it’s very confusing. Can we please just get through the autumn in peace?

The people who jump into a fantasy analyst’s feed asking who to start/sit when their rankings are readily available and the original post has absolutely nothing to do with any of that. We don’t do our rankings for our health, you know.

Josh McDaniels for kicking the field goal against Pittsburgh. Dude. You gotta go for it. What are we doing here?

The turf at MetLife, the Jets offensive line, Zach Wilson and Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles. For killing Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall’s fantasy values.

Dan Snyder. But no, seriously. On this list for eternity.

Also, last one for me, but I gotta legit atone for not mentioning my producer Damian Dabrowski in every column for his help every week with Love/Hate. Would not be able to do this column (or, really, any of my shows) without him. He’s Da Real MVP.

Quick housekeeping note. This Sunday, our Fantasy Football Pregame show will be live from the Applebee’s set at MetLife Stadium Sunday morning from 11am ET – 1pm ET. I know it’s super early before the Sunday night game, so I’m not expecting a big crowd or anything, but if you do happen to be there early for tailgating or to try and catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift (who I am totally sure will be stopping by the set on her way to watch the Chiefs-Jets game) come on by.

Let’s get to it.

Quarterbacks I Love in Week 4

Justin Herbert vs. Las Vegas

Justin Herbert is the only starting quarterback in the NFL without a turnover this season. Whereas the quarterback of my favorite team, Sam Howell, threw four interceptions in Week 3 alone. No one likes a showoff, Justin. But like it or not, Justin Herbert is going to have plenty of chances to show off in Week 4 at home against the Raiders. Through three weeks, Vegas is allowing passing touchdowns at the second-highest rate. In fact, the Raiders have surrendered multiple touchdowns in every game. Plus, quarterbacks are completing 74% of passes against the Raiders this season and Vegas is also allowing the second-highest passer rating. Now, they get Herbert, the guy who is QB1 on the season. I have him as my QB 1 in Week 4, as well.

Anthony Richardson vs. Los Angeles Rams

It’s been a wild wardrobe week for Indianapolis Colts quarterbacks, both past and present. Andrew Luck showed up to Thursday Night Football in Civil War garb. Gardner Minshew disguised himself as Dan Orlovsky AND vintage Tom Brady in the same game. And Anthony Richardson dressed in street clothes. Richardson’s outfit was my least favorite of the bunch. But, if Richardson is back in uniform in Week 4, he needs to be back in your fantasy lineups. Don’t forget, in Richardson’s one full game this season he finished as QB 5. He also just so happens to lead the Colts in goal-to-go carries and carries inside the 10-yard line, despite only playing five out of his team’s 12 quarters. I like a healthy Richardson to pile up the fantasy points with his legs against a Rams defense that ranks bottom-10 in yards per carry allowed this season and has surrendered four rushing scores in its first three games. If Richardson is in uniform, he’s in my Top 5 at the quarterback position.

Joe Burrow at Tennessee

The internet says the best ways to treat a calf injury are ice and rest. But another way to work through an injured calf is an old home remedy I call “playing the Tennessee Titans pass defense because, since the start of last season, the Titans rank 32nd in pass defense. Also, through the first four weeks of this season, Tennessee has allowed the fourth-most yards per pass attempt. In fact, every quarterback to face the Titans this season has thrown for at least 289 yards.” Considering Joe Burrow has attempted 90 passes over his past two games, I think this Titans tonic will be exactly what his calf and his fantasy managers need.

Others receiving votes: Through three weeks, the Arizona Cardinals are both surprisingly competitive and not surprisingly a great matchup for opposing quarterbacks. QBs are averaging more than 20 PPG against the Cardinals on the season. Look for Brock Purdy, who has a 17.9 PPG average in his eight career starts, to top that mark in a game in which the 49ers have the second-highest implied team point total of the week. … Through three weeks, the Chargers are allowing league highs in both passing yards against (337) per game and fantasy PPG by opposing quarterbacks (24.6). Just imagine what Justin Herbert does to that unit in practice every day. If Jimmy Garoppolo clears concussion protocol, he will get the Chargers defense on Sunday. … Jordan Love has at least 20 fantasy points in each of his games this season. Fun Fact: Aaron Rodgers didn’t have a 20-point game even once last season. Fun, right? Love also has 20-plus rushing yards in each of his last two games. This week Love gets the Lions and teams facing Detroit this season are averaging 39 pass attempts, sixth-most overall.

Quarterbacks I Hate in Week 4

Lamar Jackson at Cleveland

Cleveland, going decades without a serviceable quarterback is a choice YOU have made. But why do you have to take good quarterbacks from the rest of us? Through the first three weeks of the season, Cleveland is allowing just 5.8 PPG to quarterbacks. To quarterbacks! The highest-scoring position in fantasy! The Browns turn quarterbacks into bad streaming tight ends. Cleveland’s defense is allowing the fewest yards per game, fewest yards per play and a league-low 4.7 yards per pass attempt. What a bunch of jerks. And now they’re going to ruin Lamar Jackson for a week, just like they did last season when he put up just 10.7 points in his lone start against them. I’m sick of it, Cleveland. Ruin your own quarterbacks. Leave ours alone. I have L Jax at QB 10 this week, the lowest I’ll likely have him all season.

Dak Prescott vs. New England

During Arizona’s victory over the Cowboys last week, Cardinals linebacker Kyzir White called Dak Prescott a “bum.” Not a bad bit of trash talk. However, White could have gone with this much sicker burn that was sitting right there: “Hey, Dak Prescott! You’re playing so bad I bet you’ll be on Matthew Berry’s Week 4 Hate List due to the fact that you’re playing a Patriots team that has allowed the fifth-fewest points to quarterbacks through three weeks, even though they’ve faced Jalen Hurts AND Tua Tagovailoa! Also, it’s not like you’re playing well against any defense! In seven of your last 10 regular season games, you have scored less than 17 fantasy points!” Dak Prescott would have had to retire right then and there over such a public humiliation. Instead, he is back playing again this week, albeit playing as a quarterback outside of my Top 20.

Looking for more fantasy football content? Rotoworld has you covered. Watch Fantasy Football Happy Hour with Matthew Berry weekdays at noon ET LIVE on Peacock and the Rotoworld Football Show on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays wherever you get your podcasts.

Running Backs I Love in Week 4

Kenneth Walker at New York Giants

Kenneth Walker III’s III’d game of the season last week was the best of his II-year NFL career, as he put up XXX.VI fantasy points. Ahhhh, Roman Numerals. What confusing fun! (By the way, I wonder if there were fantasy gladiator leagues back in ancient Rome? We think we have it bad with player injuries. Those points-per-beheading leagues were probably THE WORST. Anyways … back to current times.) Walker’s touches have increased each week this season and this week he gets a Giants defense that has allowed the fourth-most yards to running backs this season. The Giants have also allowed a rushing score to a back in every game this season, while Walker ranks Top 3 among RBs in goal-to-go and red zone carries on the season. He’s my RB 7 for Week IV.

James Cook vs. Miami

What a difference a year has made in the Cook family. Last year, Dalvin Cook was on a 13-4 Vikings team and went to his fourth consecutive Pro Bowl, while James Cook was limited to being stuck behind Devin Singletary in a part time role. Since then, Dalvin was let go by the Vikings and is now stuck playing in the same backfield as Zach Wilson, while James has achieved nearly the peak of human existence: making my Love List. Get this: James Cook has 16-plus touches in every game this season and back-to-back games with 100-plus scrimmage yards. Meanwhile, Miami scoring 70 points has somehow overshadowed the fact that they are allowing the fifth-highest YPC to running backs this season! Okay, maybe that’s fair. But still, it’s a good matchup for Cook the younger. I have him as a Top 12 back this week.

Zack Moss vs. Los Angeles Rams

“You Got Moss’d.” Definition 1: “When someone catches a deep pass directly in your face.” Definition 2: “When someone else picked up Zack Moss and uses him to win your fantasy league because you already got burned on Deon Jackson and you simply couldn’t believe the Colts would be foolish enough to not play Jonathan Taylor all season. I mean … WHAT?! WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?!?! WHY?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY DON’T VALUE RUNNING BACKS?!?!?” Anyway … in his two games since returning to action, Zack Moss has played on 85% of snaps and had 54 touches. And dating back to last season, he has 20-plus fantasy points in three straight games. That usage and efficiency sets up quite well against a Rams team allowing the seventh-highest YPC (4.7) to backs this season.

Others receiving votes: A week after facing the Dolphins, the Broncos get the Bears. It seems the universe felt Denver deserved a break. And while the Bears have a slightly less-potent offense than the Dolphins, their defense isn’t stellar either. In fact, this season Chicago has allowed the second-most fantasy points to backs. They have also allowed four rushing touchdowns to backs in three games. All of this is good news for Javonte Williams, who has been targeted on 34% of his routes this season, the third-highest rate among backs. … Following his monster Week 3 performance, De’Von Achane clarified that his last name is pronounced a-CHAN and NOT however you were saying it while cursing yourself for not starting him last week. Achane got eight red zone touches last week – 72% of the RB red zone touches – and was targeted on 36% of his routes. This week he faces a Buffalo defense allowing the second-highest YPC (5.6) on the season. … Matt Breida played on 82% of snaps in Week 3 with Saquon Barkley out. Breida is not Saquon Barkley – NEWSFLASH! – but he is a competent back facing a Seattle defense that has allowed 12-plus fantasy points to a back in every game this season. (This is assuming, of course, that Saquon Barkley is out again. He showed up as limited on Wednesday’s practice report) … Did you hear that Denver gave up 70 points last week? Okay, you did. Yeah, their defense may not be great. If the 70-points thing doesn’t convince you, here’s another stat: the Broncos have allowed the most receiving yards to backs this season. Meanwhile, Roschon Johnson has seen 11 targets in three games and has seen his snap rate increase each week of the season.

Running Backs I Hate in Week in Week 4

Joe Mixon at Tennessee Titans

The Titans defense is great for passing games, bad for running backs. While Tennessee ranks last in pass defense, they’re second in rush defense. Just imagine if the Titans time travel back to old-timey football before the forward pass was invented? Their defense would be perfect and Ryan Tannehill couldn’t kill their offense. They’d be the greatest football team in all of the land! Time travel, Titans: consider it. But really, Tennessee’s run defense truly is special. On the season, they’re allowing a league-low 2.7 YPC to backs and no running back has topped 52 yards against them this season. And if you go back to the start of 2021 (hey, we’re time traveling!), over a 37-game span only three backs have rushed for 70-plus against them. All that means Joe Mixon is outside my Top 15 at the position in Week 4.

James Conner at San Francisco

James Conner was a player no one wanted to pick in preseason drafts. People yelled at me for having him on the preseason “Love” List. Not a new or exciting name, rebuilding team, has had some injury history. And now he’s RB 9. The good news – at least for those of you who ignored me and passed on Conner in drafts long after you shouldn’t have – is that it’s very unlikely he’s a Top 10 back this week. San Francisco has allowed the fewest rushing yards to backs this season and, through three weeks, only one back has scored more than eight fantasy points against them. The matchup is reason enough to be wary of Conner this week. but it’s also concerning that his 64% snap rate in Week 3 was his second-lowest in a healthy game, dating back to Week 3 of 2022. Keep an eye on that. And keep Conner outside of your starting RB spots this week if you can against the Niners – he’s just outside my top 20 RB’s this week.

Brian Robinson at Philadelphia

Philadelphia has allowed the second-fewest rush yards to running backs this season, and just 2.8 YPC. And, in a game in which the Eagles are 8.5-point favorites, it’s worth noting that in his career, Robinson is averaging just 6.9 PPG in games Washington has lost. Why? Because Robinson isn’t used nearly as much when the Commanders are trailing. Last week Robinson played only 37% of pass plays, running seven routes in the game compared to 28 for Antonio Gibson. Love the player, hate the matchup, B-Rob is outside my Top 25 this week.

Pass Catchers I Love in Week 4

Chris Olave vs. Tampa Bay

There’s a lot to love about Chris Olave’s 2023 season so far. but maybe chief among it all? His consistency. In every game this season, Olave has at least 10 targets and 85 receiving yards. I see that continuing against a Tampa defense that has allowed 100-plus receiving yards to a wide receiver in every game so far. The Bucs have also surrendered three touchdowns on deep receptions this season, third-most in the league. And, no, I’m not worried about Olave’s production dipping with Jameis Winston under center. Since entering the NFL, Winston leads all quarterbacks in air yards per attempt. Olave (with Winston) should keep allowing his fantasy managers to eat Ws. He’s my WR8 for Week 4.

Tee Higgins at Tennessee

Did I mention the split between Tennessee’s run defense and Tennessee’s pass defense? I mean, I haven’t seen two things that far apart since a Tennessee defensive back tried to cover an opposing team’s receiver! (rimshot) Aaaaaanyway … Tennessee has allowed the third-most receptions to wide receivers this season and they’ve also surrendered the fourth-most yards to the position. The Titans have allowed a WR to get 19-plus fantasy points in every game and have twice allowed multiple receivers to get 16-plus in the same game. That’s great news for Tee Higgins (and Tee Higgins managers), as he has seen at least eight targets in every game this season. I have him inside my Top 15 this week.

Jakobi Meyers at Los Angeles Chargers

If you like the Titans’ pass defense, you’ll just love what the Chargers are doing out in L.A. Through three games, the Chargers have allowed the most fantasy points, most yards and most touchdowns to the wide receiver position. And now I have some exciting news: Jakobi Meyers is a wide receiver. And not just any wide receiver, a wide receiver who is … wait for it … playing the Los Angeles Chargers this week. I know! Pretty great! Meyers has 22 targets in his first two games of the season, along with a 31% target share and multiple red zone targets in each game. He also has posted at least seven receptions and 80 yards in each game and is averaging 22.3 PPG on the season. Meyers is a Top 20 WR in Week 4 against the Chargers.

Sam LaPorta at Green Bay

Through three weeks of the season, Sam LaPorta leads all tight ends in receiving yards. (Sam, if I may, you should probably make sure Taylor Swift gets this information. You know, if it turns out she is only dating Travis Kelce simply because he’s the most productive fantasy tight end. This is your chance!) LaPorta also happens to be second-highest in target share at the position this season, and has finished as a Top 8 tight end every week so far. (Sam, call Taylor. Let her know you are my TE 5 this week. True love awaits!)

Others receiving votes: Maybe the Vikings were only ever good because of Adam Thielen? Okay, maybe not (unless Thielen was also secretly playing defense in Minnesota). But Thielen is finding some success in Carolina with 23 targets over the past two weeks including a 26% target share. Now he gets to face his old team, who is currently allowing the highest catch rate to the slot, the place where Thielen does the bulk of his work. … Tutu Atwell has at least eight targets in every game so far, as well as 15 or more fantasy points. More like Tutu Atgreat, amiright? Okay, no need to be hurtful. This week Atwell gets a Colts defense that allows the third-most receptions on deep passes (46% of his targets come on deep balls). … The Steelers have allowed the fifth-most yards to wide receivers this season. Tank Dell will look to pile up more yardage on Sunday. Over the past two weeks, the rookie is leading Houston in targets and is averaging 22.9 PPG over the same span. … Believe it or not, Elijah Moore has as many targets (25) as Amari Cooper through three weeks. Moore should get even (don’t say “more,” don’t say “more,” don’t say “more”) a greater amount (Good job, Berry!) of looks against the Ravens, who have allowed the most receptions to wide receivers so far this season. … Luke Musgrave is tied for the Green Bay lead in receptions through three games. This week the Packers face a Lions team that has allowed the most receptions and yards to tight ends so far. I’ve been talking up Luke Musgrave all preseason and the last three weeks. Last chance to get him… The Raiders have allowed a TD to a TE in each of their past two games. This week they face Donald Parham, Jr., who had two touchdowns last week to give him three total on the season. Parham’s snap rate has increased every week this season and he had only four fewer snaps than Gerald Everett in Week 3. Parham may be worth a dart throw in deeper leagues.

Pass Catchers I Hate in Week 4

Garrett Wilson vs. Kansas City

Please, Jets. I beg you. You know what needs to happen. If not to save your season, then to save Garrett Wilson. Despite all of (Garrett) Wilson’s talent, he is averaging just 9.5 PPG in 12 career games with Zach Wilson under center. He has fewer than 50 receiving yards in eight of those 12 games and, over the last two games, has caught just 41% of his targets from the lesser Wilson. Now the Wilson Bros. face a Chiefs team that has allowed the fifth-fewest fantasy points to wide receivers this season. I have Garrett Wilson outside my Top 20 WRs in Week 4. Please, Jets. Please. Save Garrett Wilson (and his fantasy managers).

DeAndre Hopkins vs. Cincinnati

DeAndre Hopkins has caught just 56% of his targets through the first three games. He hasn’t had a catch rate below 65% for a full season since 2017. He also now has back-to-back games with less than 50 receiving yards for the first time since 2020. And he has zero end zone targets on the season. Essentially none of this is Hopkins’ fault. Ryan Tannehill and the entire Titans offense has been dreadful. For example, it’s hard to get end zone targets when your team hasn’t run a play inside of the 10-yard line in two-thirds of its games, don’t you think? (Yes, that’s a real Titans stat.) Look, Hopkins will have to get on track eventually. He’s DeAndre Hopkins. But it’s hard to see it happening this week against a Bengals team allowing the fifth-lowest catch rate to wide receivers (55%) so far this season.

Jahan Dotson at Philadelphia

Jahan Dotson seems to be the odd man out so far in Eric Bienemy’s offense. His 17% target share on the season is tied for 46th among wide receivers. He has single-digit fantasy points in every game this season and less than 25 receiving yards in each of his past two games, seeing just nine total targets over that same span. And his 7.4 aDOT this season is way down from 2022 when it was 14.0. The good news is … uh … you shouldn’t feel pressure to start him anymore until we see something? Sure. Let’s go with that. Great. News.

David Njoku vs. Baltimore

The Ravens have allowed just 45 yards to tight ends through three games. That’s 45 yards TOTAL. Opposing tight ends have a catch rate of just 53% against the Ravens so far, second-lowest in the league. That kind of stuff wouldn’t matter much against Taylor Swift’s fantasy TE 1 (Sam LaPorta?), but considering David Njoku has four or fewer target shares in every game this season? No way I’m playing him in Week 4. And if you do, that’s on you. Or, as fantasy analyst Taylor Swift might say: “It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem, it’s me.”

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