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In League of Legends, invulnerability can be the bane of quite a few players’ existence. There are only a couple champions that bring this variety of buff to Summoner’s Rift, and only a person decide on delivers a ton of tankiness, maintain, and a very good quantity of group management to boot: Taric.

The gem-obsessed Targonian has a ton of distinct capabilities that make him a hard outing in lane, though also keeping a massive effect on the mid-to-late recreation teamfights through the various utility that he has at his disposal. From a somewhat substantial directional stun, a heal, and a shield on leading of his capacity to url up with his lane husband or wife to mimic any means he utilizes, Taric can be a headache to offer with in the base lane.

There are, however, some ways to outshine the shiniest of gems with some variety and crowd regulate of your possess. Below are the greatest Taric counters in League.


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Welcome to the eye of the storm. Janna has a ton of instruments at her disposal to peel for her Ad carry, irrespective of whether she sends out a Howling Gale to end an oncoming assault or blows enemies away with a quick click on of her top skill, Monsoon. She also has a fantastic amount of poke with her Zephyr skill, when being able to slow you significantly in the approach. She can perform the lane so securely that Taric won’t be equipped to go ahead without having getting chunked and bogged down in the process.


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In a related vein, Lulu also has far too considerably group handle and ranged assaults for Taric to offer with at just about each individual stage of the sport. She can pace up her ally to outrun a stun endeavor, although also bringing a strong shielding skill alongside with her Polymorph to cease any struggle in its tracks by turning the enemy marksman into a squirrel. Like Janna, Taric will have to acquire a ton of damage to get into significant selection and there is barely a possibility that he’ll be equipped to strike his skills in the very long run.


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A topic of array, sustain, and group management has appeared, and Nami is all set to continue on the development against Taric. Even though she does deficiency a standard potential that can slow her enemies, Nami has a lot of therapeutic in her kit, together with her iconic Aqua Prison to stymie any makes an attempt at an assault. Her top, Tidal Wave, will be almost difficult to dodge as perfectly since Taric lacks mobility. As a outcome, she can interact and disengage at the press of a button, offering plenty of time for her teammates to whittle down anybody in their way.


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If you look up the phrase “support” in League‘s imaginary dictionary, then you are going to most likely see Soraka as a prime example of the purpose. She has anything that a Taric counter would want, whether which is ranged group control, a ton of healing, or great poking capabilities in lane with her Starcall. As very long as she is aware that Taric—along with the relaxation of his teammates—will be concentrating on her in each individual gank and skirmish, she can continue to be a nuisance from the very first minute onward.


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She could not have the identical volume of utility as the other solutions on this checklist, but Zyra makes up for this by bringing a ton of group management and poke destruction to the matchup from Taric. With her plants infesting the lane by means of the early sport, it’ll be a deadly go for any one to stroll up in range of her abilities. Her vegetation do a great volume of damage and will whittle down any concentrate on with simplicity.

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