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What Defines Marketing

Marketing attracts a lot of views from different people in the world of business. Different experts approach marketing in different ways. As a business owner there is a lot of information you find online that picking the right one to work with becomes difficult. Experts will agree that many people will break down marketing in different ways but in real sense there are three main steps that will ensure you do it right for a successful campaign. In marketing the strategies are designed around capturing , connecting and converting potential clients into customers. However before you can engage with customers and turn them into loyal customers you need to have the brand positioning right.

The manner in which you position yourself will determine the perception that people have of you. Some vehicle makers are known to produce very luxurious brands for affluent people, while there are other car brands that are more focused on producing cheap and affordable cars that everyone can afford. The two brands are giving the customer the same product but they are worlds apart due to the positioning. Marketing will be largely dependent on how you position yourself in the market. Its not surprising therefore to find people buying a brand name even if there are other products in the market that play the same role and maybe even cheaper. Depending on how you position yourself in the market you are able to attract a certain category of the population without you even knowing.

Products that come with a high price tag will have budget customers seeking other options as they feel they are too expensive while the affluent groups will buy them as they tend to feel that higher price tags mean something is better. There is that target groups that your product will best suit, find them and position yourself in the market to engage with them. When it comes to the first step of capturing the attention of potential customers you need to know that it’s not that easy especially online, creativity and imagination needs to be on a high here.

You are letting the people know about the existence of the product. Connecting means engaging with the customer and getting their view, its two way, here you need to show them the value they get when consuming the product. If the product solves a problem the potential customer as they will want to have the product. Once the customers have seen the value of the product make it tempting for them to use the product or the service through use of limited time offers among other strategies.

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