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What are the best Hearing Aids of 2018?

Did you know that there are 466 million people globally who have disabling forms of hearing loss and about 34 million of them are kids with the figures skyrocketing every year.

Hearing aids are becoming a huge necessity and thanks to the advancement in technology, these devices are better than before aiding in a normal life for patients with hearing loss.

One of the device is Phonak Audeo Marvel which is a multi-functional device and made for any Aid Phone Aid means that it connects to I Phone and other models too, television and other Blue tooth enabled devices,more about.

The Phonak Audeo Marvel has rechargeable battery remote control and allow the user to have a hands free through the Audeo B which will make hearing on both ears possible, for more about Phonak click here.

The other device that is awesome to have in 2018 is the Bernafon Zerena 9 which is made with the purpose of connecting to the Apple devices, more so they have various types that are rechargeable and made for severe and mild hearing problems, more about here.

The Bernafon Zerena 9 device has better sound quality, clear and sharp sound quality and will even change the hearing settings when you change the environment.

When you have mild hearing problems, you can get the Pro Ears Pro Hear IV device since it costs less and will offer value for your money with some sufficient capabilities that will aid hearing, the amplifier is connected to the ear bud and pretty discreet though one does not have options of colors.

Audicus Clara is another device that covers severe hearing loss and the latest product of the Clara which is a high performance receiver in the canal model and it has different colors and it is inconspicuous since it is small with advanced sound processing features, more about here.

Another device is the Starkey Muse IQR and built in the company Synergy platform and an operating system with a lithium rechargeable battery that can stream for over 20 hours.

For premium sounds and quality features, ReSound Linx Quattro is the right device for you, made with high tech hearing aids it offers fuller, clearer and a rich sound quality with a lithium battery for longer life going for 24 hours with over 50{3c10558e056e7b129236fa88df00dfd68b9f11fcf272c3eb40b422cb892500dc} streaming power.

The Phonak Audeo V is another device that will switch according to the environment and has a better hearing feature.

If you are experiencing severe hearing problems, Hi BTE Power Plus is the right device and you can customize it to fit the hearing needs with 16 adjustable channels with powerful amplifications and sound processing.

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