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Guidelines for Improving Your ITunes Podcast Rankings

When making a podcast, you should make sure that people subscribe so that you can get an audience. If you want to get a good payoff, you not only need the best podcast and various episodes but people to listen to you. There are tips that will help you to boost your podcast rankings in iTunes.

The first tip is to have the best episodes to capture the emotions of the audience will help you boost your rankings. Rankings on iTunes can be hard to achieve because they do not use things such as keywords and search engine optimization for rankings. In iTunes, their staff members are the ones who select the best collection and there is a certain criterion that they use. One of the ways that you can increase your rankings in iTunes is by increasing the number of subscribers by around one hundred per day. The word of mouth is very crucial when it comes to increasing your audience and ion this you need to improve on your content. You should also be guided by what your audience wants and if you want to subscribe, you need to have the best sound and production.

Bringing other people in your podcast will help a lot because your audience will listen to different voices and also make sure that your voice and the sound are the best so that the audience can stick to your podcast. Your audience requires you to be consistent with the kind of material that you give them and this includes new information. Having a schedule to remind you on your next episode will help you to provide your audience with new episodes regularly. When you get a schedule, you will be able to create quality products and ensure that you post new episodes regularly and also have enough time for preparations to avoid last minute rush which could lead to low-quality episodes.

The various social media platforms will help you advertise your episodes to more people. You should note that blogs are very essential when it comes to promoting your episodes. You should be careful when using keywords for your titles and ask your listeners to give reviews, subscribe to your podcast and share the links in your social media accounts.

In the iTunes app, most of the features are created by their employees and hence you should understand your rating often. In conclusion, you should understand that the main thing is the quality of your episodes which involves the content and the production process but you should not have too many expectations on keywords and titles.

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