Tired all the time? Get moving says Carrie Jose


All of us have experienced tiredness, exhaustion, and fatigue. Sometimes it hits after a late night spent working or socializing. Other times, our exhaustion seems to come out of nowhere. With our fast-paced modern lifestyles, it’s not surprising that statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report around 15.3% of women and 10.1% of men regularly feeling very tired or exhausted in the United States. 

A lack of sufficient sleep isn’t the only factor that could be contributing to your fatigue. Poor dietary habits, excessive napping, unhealthy amounts of stress in your daily life, and living a more sedentary lifestyle are all possibilities according to an article entitled, “Why you feel tired”, published in Medical News Today. Now, it might seem counter-intuitive that more exercise could help you feel less tired, but it’s the truth.


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