Treatment For Priapism

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Priapism is a manageable problem, but treatment like Male Ultracore depends on whether a patient has a high- or low-flow type of this disorder.

To treat low-flow priapism, the doctor may remove excess blood from the penis with a needle and syringe. The procedure alleviates pain and prevents erections that occur without stimulation.

Another means of treatment of low-flow priapism is to inject medications into the penis itself. The purpose of the injected drug is to shrink blood vessels that carry blood to the penile area in order to expand those blood vessels that take the blood away from your penis.

If these two treatment options turn out to be ineffective, your doctor may recommend surgery to correct impaired blood flow issues.

On the other hand, patients with high-flow priapism may not need treatment at all because the disorder tends to go away on its own. To manage this problem, the doctor will recommend the use of ice packs that help with involuntary erections. Rare are the cases when the doctor suggests surgery for high-flow priapism, but when other treatment measures don’t succeed, surgical procedure repairs arteries that are damaged in order to improve blood flow to and from the penis.

Men with recurrent priapism usually receive a prescription for a decongestant medication whose purpose is to decrease blood flow to the genital area. Of course, in instances when the disorder is caused by an underlying medical problem, treatment of that health issue helps alleviate priapism.

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