Very best Janna counters in League of Legends


The wind can be a potent pressure, especially when below the command of a single of League of Legends’ finest enchanters champions, Janna. The Storm’s Fury is a leading alternative for a number of gamers due to the vast volume of utility that she brings for her teammates, both in lane and in afterwards-stage teamfights.

Janna can supply some great poke with her Zephyr capability, even though also offering compositions some very good engage and disengage applications with her Howling Gale. Her final capacity is an incredible way to drive back an enemy attack, when also furnishing large healing to her allies. General, she can be really impactful throughout a whole match.

If you’re taking part in towards a Janna, on the other hand, there are a couple of distinct champions that you can use to counteract her usefulness. Listed here are the best Janna counters in League.


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If Janna gets strike with a hook, there’s a good probability that she’ll get taken out shortly afterward because of to her confined well being pool. Blitzcrank just has to frequently threaten an have interaction when Janna steps up to offer some poke harm and punish her anytime she mispositions even though in lane or during a tense late-video game teamfight. Reducing her from a struggle is a great way to swing the winds of battle into your favor since your enemies will not have her peel and shielding at their disposal.


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In a equivalent way, Nautilus really should be hunting to have interaction on Janna whenever he will get a chance. Keep forward and keep the tension up so that the enemy duo just can’t stroll up and dish out poke hurt. In its place, push the advantage that you have with your normal tankiness to press Janna out of lane with a major trade.


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Pyke’s outstanding burst abilities make Janna a sitting duck if she is not able to dodge his hook or stun. She will not have more than enough utility, help you save for her greatest, to secure her or her partner from the devastating combo that the Bloodharbor Ripper can deal along with his Advert have. He can also be very cell, making it really hard for Janna to strike any talents apart from her Zephyr sluggish.


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The head of Noxus poses a dangerous threat that can capture out Janna if she wanders way too much from her marksman. His Nevermove is the best counter any time Janna wants to offer some poke due to the fact it’ll not only root her but also enable Swain to pull her proper into the waiting arms of his individual teammate. If you can remain in grabbing length of her, you will be equipped to break her down in lane and snowball your direct to achievements.


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With greater poke, wave apparent, and a spell defend to aid reduce any attacks, Morgana is a superior option when facing off against Janna. If the Fallen is able to strike a Darkish Binding on her enemy, Janna will not have sufficient to fend off the no cost destruction that the enemy duo will offer above the upcoming two to three seconds. It’s 1 of the longest roots in the video game and Janna only has so much wellness to spare.

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