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Pet Celebrity Dramas: Breaking Down Into Details The Lena Dunham Dog Drama

The Lena Dunham pet drama of rehoming her dog Lamby has been a widespread issue due to many reasons.

Lamby is with Dunham for over four years, what made her want to rehome him?

You can check out the details later, first and foremost who is Lena Dunham? Lena Dunham is the creator as well as the star of the hit television series, Girls. Learn more about all there is to know in the hit HBO series, Girls.

Besides the pet drama that Dunham has been into, she is also a hot issue when it comes to various controversies. Keep reading more about Lena Dunham issues.

Almost five years ago, Dunham adopted Lamby from the Barc Shelter in New York. Take time to discover more about the BARC Shelter. Several rescuers testified that they saw the warmth that both shared the moment they met.

He was the only pet that Dunham had for several years and he even appeared in many of her social media posts.

However, none of it chronicled any bad behavior from the furball, maybe besides drinking his own urine but in terms of attitude, Lamby was never said to be aggressive or unfriendly.

Dunham labeled Lamby as untrainable and aggressive. Dunham stated on a post in social media that Lamby’s previous owners abused him, click here for more details.

But the shelter where Lamby came from had a different story in which Lamby’s past owners did not, in fact, abuse him it is just that they do not have the time to take care of him.

In a statement made by Matt Beiser, Dunham’s former trainer, he defended the actress and said that the pup’s aggressiveness might be her breaking point.

There are other pet issues that Dunham is involved in. She had a cat before named Gia Maria, a sphinx who died in her arms on the way to the vet. She also had a dog prior, which is Bowie that many close friends said died because of his age, thirteen Yorkie years.

What left many scratching their heads is how Dunham adopted two poodles which are rumored to be non-rescues, you can find out more about it here.

People are thinking maybe the Lena Dunham household has bad luck with pets or that she just wanted to swap poor old Lamby with new poodles.

There are still quite a few details that only both parties know about, let’s leave it at that.

Just like different pups come in different forms they also have different attitudes, so it must be matched accordingly by those who can handle them. Hopefully, both parties are in their best shapes and finally be happy even if they are separated.

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