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Inspirational Quotations for English Lovers

Most bachelor of arts degree have heard about people saying that they will not go anywhere from studying this. This led to bachelor of arts degree students hesitating to continue. So one thing that will totally get rid of this dilemma is to look for reliable quotes from famous people that encourages them to write and keep on reading English. Consider the list below that include some of the most popular quotes that you should look for whenever you are having doubts about your current English major.

Motivational Quotations for English Majors

Through the assistance of these quotes, we can easily surpass the challenges we are facing related to writing such as writer’s block and unsolved puzzle for the story that we want to write.

1. “Marry an English Major to Transform into a Successful Writer” by Stephen Ambrose

This is true, especially for students who haven’t acknowledged their potential in writing yet.

2. Grammar Suggests that Knowing Your Crap and Knowing You’re Crap have Differences

Don’t be discouraged by people calling you a grammar Nazi since grammar is necessary when protecting the art of language, especially English.

3. Benjamin Franklin Mentioned it’s Either to Do Something Worth Writing or Write Something Worth Reading

So what if you are suffering from writer’s block?

4. C.S. Lewis’ Making Everything Through Writing

Nobody limits us on what to write and there are vast ideas, things, and situations where you can make use of your creativity. You will have to see how these things could become something huge later on.

In terms of frailness and tenderness, William Drummond stated that books are better than marble, brass, and iron. Isaac Barrow suggested that when you are reading books, it’s like talking with the wisest man of every nation worldwide. For sure, bachelor of arts degree majors will appreciate the quotes of John Hill Burton, Octavia E. Butler, John Green, and a lot more which has something good to say about studying English as a bachelor of arts degree.

Keep Going and Prove Them Wrong

The fact is, even though we are trying our best to ignore people who doesn’t have something good to say about the bachelor of arts degree major that we have, we are still not safe from this totally since these people would usually come at an unexpected places. Remember that even though you are facing this problem right now, all you need as a bachelor of arts degree is to find ways to be inspired and continue studying until you reach your goal. If you want to be motivated continuously, why don’t you keep on viewing this page for more updates.

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