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Tips for Handling a Family Member with Dementia

For you be able to manage someone with dementia effectively, you must, first of all, understand it. Dementia is a group of conditions that affect individual’s mind, as well as the precognitive functionality. As there is no known cause, the disease cannot be avoided, and the only thing is to be ready to deal with it. You therefore need to know things that will work and the ones that will not work for the patient. You should understand that using logic and rationality will not help you. You also need to read more on dealing with such patients online. There are website that will help you to learn more about the condition

It is critical to know that when you are handling a patient with dementia, you should not expect them to think and reason with you. Though you see them looking the same way you knew them before the sickness, it is important to know that their mind is not the same. You should therefore not insist on your point or argue with them.

Something else that you need to know is that you do not have to insist on the truth if you want things to work. You may have to accept what how the patent seems at things even if they cannot remember things as they were for the sake of peace. If you have to have peace and get things done, you may have to accept some things even if the patient is not correct. Sometimes insisting on being too honest may cause both of you unnecessary stress. Allowing them to consider some lies may help in calming them other than arguing all the time.

It is also essential for you to note that there is no need to negotiate. You should not bargain with the patient or think that they will remember the things you talked about earlier. For patients who are not in a severe condition, you may help the situation behaving notes to remind them of some of the things they are supposed to do. Understanding the patient who is in advanced stage may be better than trying to remind them with notes as they may not even work.

When you are handling a dementia patient you do not need to be too hard on yourself. When you handling the patient chances are that you will be affected physically, emotionally and mentally. There are times you will be frustrated and tired. It will call for you to walk away for a short time to relax. When you feel tired do not be too hard on yourself, it is normal;. You also should make sure that you are firm. Dealing with this kind of patient requires you to be firm.

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