Woman Says She Was Shamed For Workout Attire While At An All-Woman Gym


It seems even going to the gym won’t stop women from being dress-coded for their choice of attire.

In a TikTok video, Kerry Schwartz explained that she’d been approached by the manager of an all-woman gym while working out only to be shamed for her choice of attire.

Schwartz was left feeling “uncomfortable” after being told her gym outfit was distracting others around her.

In her video, Schwartz said that she’d struggled with “body dysmorphia” and “feeling comfortable in gyms” throughout her entire life.

“When I found a gym that I felt comfortable in, and that I really enjoyed, it changed my life,” Schwartz said.

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She then opened the floor for advice from viewers after something disappointing happened to her at the all-woman gym she’d been going to for some time.

“They actually said something to me that made me feel so uncomfortable that I never want to go back there again,” she added.

Schwartz then showed a photo of what she’d been wearing while working out, which was a standard white sports bra, yellow leggings, and sneakers.

Her attire attracted the attention of the owner of the gym, who walked over to Schwartz to make a comment about her gym clothes that were branded “offensive.”

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